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Project Management

Logistics Management (formerly Supply Chain Logistics Management)
The C&A Team delivers short- and long-term customer focused solutions to improve clients’ distribution networks, facilities, supply sourcing, transportation modes, and material handling. Includes analysis and modeling of networks, facilities and inventories that will support clients’ strategic process. Goal is to better comprehend the variables and risks, in order to achieve greater confidence in the solution and transition plan. Planning and executing the interim steps to achieve desired end state.

Financial Management
The C&A Team has extensive experience in federal financial management and analysis, particularly DoD Planning, Programming, Budgeting, and Execution (PPBE) and budget execution.  C&As expertise includes tracking and verifying financial status in various DoD financial systems; researching, analyzing and preparing data for financial and program reviews; and identifying funds available for reprogramming or recoupment.

Acquisition Management
C&A provides integrated, comprehensive acquisition support to align processes and goals with overall results.  Our mission-driven solutions enable clients to define requirements based on objectives and performance.  We help to document policies and procedures that create a framework for improved contract management, including performance measurement and acquisition lifecycle support. 

Program Management
Provides advisory services ranging from a one-time diagnostic to the practical application of program management best practice processes, techniques, and tools tailored to the client environment. Includes: strategic planning; organizational design and staffing; integration of budget and performance information; integration and control of program cost, schedule, technical, and benefits baselines; program performance measurement; requirements management; acquisition and procurement planning and execution; program evaluations; business case development; program documentation development and management. These services range from the establishment of program objectives to the application and tailoring of best practices, as well as providing on-site management and technical skills to execute all phases of the program effectively.