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Training & Facilitation

At Cowan & Associates we believe that training development and delivery is a key component to successful implementation of your action plan. We provide coaching, training, change management, team building programs, facilitation services and customized action plans to companies, large and small. Our goal is to inspire companies toward greater innovation and success. We have proven experience developing, delivering and facilitating training for large and small scale initiatives, and offer on-site delivery as well as conference facilities at our convenient and centrally located Crystal City office in Arlington, Virginia.

Facilitation Services
C&A provides facilitation and related decision support services to Agencies engaging in collaboration efforts, working groups, or integrated product/process teams (IPTs).  C&A assists them in the use of problem solving techniques, defining and refining the agenda, debriefing and overall meeting planning, resolving disputes, disagreements, and divergent views.  Additionally, C&A can arrange logistical meeting/conference support when performing technical facilitation; can host or schedule convening and leading large and small group briefings and discussions, record discussion content (i.e., minutes, actions, help focus decision-making, draft and submit final reports for dissemination).