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Miriam GennariMiriam Gennari, Events/Office Manager

Miriam Gennari is both a successful business women and local community leader. Her career began with Sunrise Assisted Living in the DC metro area, where she successfully planned and implemented the marketing efforts for both new and acquired buildings in the region. She went on to become the Regional Marketing Manager for Alterra Healthcare, in North Carolina, where she successfully took the lead in introducing 15 new assisted living buildings to the state. 

She returned to Northern Virginia ten years ago and eventually launched her company MetroMakeover.com. LLC®, an exclusive concierge service. Her company has held and sponsored numerous events around the country, but today she focuses her effort solely on the DC metro area, where she is known for her insider tips on businesses in the beauty and lifestyle industry.

Miriam is active in local regional affairs and a strong voice for sustainability in both the county and public schools. She is credited for forcing Arlington Public Schools to eliminate Styrofoam from the school lunch program, writing an environment, energy and recycling initiative that was largely adopted by the schools and is currently working with Arlingtonians for a Clean Environment (ACE) to eliminate the use of plastic bags and Styrofoam in retail establishments in Arlington County. As a member of the Cowan & Associates team Miriam provides her expertise in marketing, customer service and client development in an effort to support each member of the team as they strive for complete satisfaction of every client served.